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Sleep Apnea & Mental Health
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Sleep Apnea and Mental Health in San Jose and Santa Clara, CA

Sleeplessness takes a tremendous toll on the body and mind. Your body needs rest to stay healthy. Without it, our brains can’t repair and replenish themselves.

A proper sleep routine is vital to maintaining your mental health. However, an increasingly common cause of sleep deprivation is sleep apnea, a disorder that causes your airway to become blocked at night. Studies have found that sleep apnea patients are more likely to report mental health problems than the general population.

Many sleep apnea patients don’t remember waking up, which can make diagnosing the disorder hard. Thankfully, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea with a sleep test and oral appliance can have extraordinary mental health benefits.

Sleeping well is crucial to maintaining your emotions and memories. Read more about how you can break the cycle of symptoms between sleep apnea and mental health.

How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Brain

Your brain uses sleep to recharge. It repairs itself during distinct phases of sleep. If those sleep phases are interrupted by sleep apnea, your mind may not repair itself to its full potential. Interrupted sleep can leave you feeling groggy, irritable, and unable to concentrate.


Your ability to focus is vital in your everyday life. However, sleep apnea can make it hard to keep your mind from wandering. Lack of sleep can impair your ability to drive, work, or write, hurting your ability to keep up with your busy schedule.

Emotions and Memory Processing

If you’re not completing the sleep cycle, you may feel unexplained emotions left over from previous days. Because you process information and experiences during sleep, a healthy sleep cycle also contributes to memory recall. You’re better able to remember and process memories when you’re sleeping well.

Depression & Anxiety

Sleep apnea can cause depression and anxiety or contribute to their symptoms. Irritability and out-of-control feelings are symptoms of sleep apnea that can contribute to mental health problems. Many of the signs of mental health issues mirror the signs of sleep apnea.

If you think your sleep apnea is compounding on mental health problems, our experienced dental team recommends undergoing a sleep study to identify the cause of your symptoms. Sleep apnea treatment can make it easier for your body to break negative cycles of sleep apnea and mental health.

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Your mental health symptoms might be caused by undetected sleep apnea. Our team of sleep professionals recommends undergoing a sleep study, so we can find the best treatment option for you. Contact our San Jose and Santa Clara offices at (408) 404-8257 and (408) 549-1602 today to schedule your sleep apnea treatment consultation.