Traveling With Sleep Apnea? We Can Help!

Safe Travels Even With Sleep Apnea

Are you about to embark on your dream vacation but your sleep apnea has you concerned? Don’t fret! With proper foresight and preparation, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a peaceful trip without worrying about how your condition may impact your travels.

At Bay Area Sleep Solutions & Pain Center, Dr. Pooja Goel has the knowledge and expertise to help you figure out a treatment plan while you’re traveling. That way, you can achieve a good night’s sleep while staying at your dream destination.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling

1. Be Sure to Pack Your Equipment

Don’t forget to pack your sleep apnea equipment with you while traveling. Whether it’s your CPAP machine or oral appliance, preparing ahead can go a long way in making sure that your equipment doesn’t get damaged or misplaced. It’s also a good idea to bring spare parts including a travel adapter or backup appliance just in case.

2. Check With Your Airlines

Different airlines have different rules with regard to bringing your sleep apnea equipment onboard as a carry-on. Be sure to call ahead of your flight to learn about their policies. If you rely on CPAP, some flights will allow you to use your machine while in the air. However, this depends on certain factors like whether or not you’re traveling internationally.

3. Stick to Your Treatment Plan

It can be tempting to let your sleep apnea treatment slip while enjoying yourself on vacation. However, it’s crucial to maintain your usual routine as much as possible to prevent any sleep disruptions and potential complications. The last thing you want is to struggle with getting quality sleep while your specialist might potentially be on the other side of the world.

4. Find Comfortable Accommodations

Look for hotels or resorts that offer comfortable beds and peaceful, well-ventilated rooms. Making sure that you’ll be able to unwind at night and get the most out of your sleep can allow you to feel more energized and motivated during the day. This will also minimize the impact sleep apnea can potentially have on your trip and lower your risk of complications.

5. Set Some Time Aside for Adequate Sleep

Give your body enough time to sleep each night, especially if you’re crossing time zones or experiencing jet lag. It can be tempting to try to stay out late at night and party until the morning, but you’ll end up not feeling your best afterward. Setting time aside to get plenty of sleep will do wonders for you during the day. Trust us, your mind and body will thank you.

6. Know How to Receive Medical Help

There’s a slight chance you may experience symptoms or complications related to your sleep apnea while traveling. If this ends up happening, seek medical help immediately. Keep a list of nearby hospitals and emergency contact numbers with you while on vacation. You never know when it will be necessary to see a medical professional, so all travelers should take this step.

Enjoy Your Trip Without the Burden of Sleep Apnea

You might think relaxing during your trip is impossible due to sleep apnea. However, with enough preparation, you can enjoy a relaxing getaway without the stress of your sleep condition bothering you. At Bay Area Sleep Solutions & Pain Center, Dr. Goel can help you create a plan of action for your trip.

Call our Sacramento, CA office today at (408) 549-1602 or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule your appointment. We’ll help you keep your sleep apnea symptoms under control so that you can have some time to relax and unwind.